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Clean Cow Bedding

Clean Cow Dairy Bedding is a premium dairy cow and animal bedding alternative to sand, sawdust, shavings and straw designed to deliver total farm health from stall to field. Clean Cow bedding is a pH adjusted blend of thermo-mechanically processed virgin wood fiber, cellulose fiber, lime and clay. Clean Cow bedding is formulated to meet local farm’s particular needs.

Our partner CTI's proprietary thermo-mechanical production process removes moisture, mechanically grinds, and mixes the bedding to produce a uniform fluffy texture for maximum cow comfort and cleanliness. Lime is added to adjust pH and add agronomic value. The Calcium Carbonate Equivalency of the product is a minimum of 34% per ton. The product texture is similar to sawdust and has a moisture content of approximately 30%.

A third the weight of sand, more absorbent than sand or sawdust, Clean Cow bedding is easier on equipment and more valuable in the field than either sand or sawdust. We believe that this bedding is a truly superior bedding product that will keep your herd clean and comfortable and deliver on the promise of total farm health.

Clean Cow Premium Dairy Bedding is sustainably manufactured in Glens Falls New York and is available year round to farms throughout New York State and Vermont. Please contact us with questions or to schedule a delivery of this cost effective bedding material.


  • Keeps animals clean & dry
  • Creates mattress-like bed
  • Stays in place
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • High lime & nutrient value
  • Cost effective
  • Readily available
Our farm has experienced a measureable reduction in our Somatic Cell Count and we’re impressed with the Clean Cow’s ease of use and cow comfort.
Clifford and Matt Wilbur
Johnsonville NY
We have experienced a significant improvement in overall hoof health using Clean Cow Bedding. Clean Cow stays in the stalls much better than sand, and the agronomic value of the bedding when land applied has had a very positive impact on our crop yields.
Dan, Olive and Andy Thomas
Cambridge, NY